How to Improve your Business Website

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It isn’t enough to have a website now a days. You website has to load fast, be mobile friendly and answer the questions people are asking. Doing these things isn’t as hard or costly as you might expect. Your website is an investment in your business, and like any other investment, it should be generating a return every single day. Let’s go over three important things you can do with your website to ensure that you maximize your investment.

Mobile Optimized Website

The majority of website traffic is done on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This means that your website must be mobile friendly in order to win your visitor, otherwise, they will leave your site and go to one of your competitors right away. A mobile optimized website is responsive to the size of the screen so that the text is easily readable. If you have to pinch-to-zoom on your website now, you do not have a mobile optimized website. Another aspect of a mobile friendly website is that buttons are thumb friendly, meaning that they are large and easy to tap with your fingers. Another huge element of a mobile friendly website is that the content displayed is tailored for the mindset of a visitor who is on the go. Think about the last time you sat down at your computer. Perhaps you were doing some online shopping or researching how to grow your business. Your mindset was one of educating yourself. Now think about the last thing you bought online with your mobile device. Chances are, you had already done your research and were ready to take action. Displaying action-driven content on mobile and educational on desktop is one great way to get a better return on your website. If these things don’t describe your current business website, you need to work with a local website designer in your area to resolve this right away.

Google My Business

The most used and most powerful search engine is Google. Getting your business registered with Google will give you additional control over your business like responding to reviews, managing your hours of operation and much more. Maintaining your reputation online is easy and super important to increase your websites exposure. You can get started with Google My Business by visiting and listing your company.

Write your website content with intent

By far, one of the most important things when you are developing your website. By writing each work on your website with intention, you are delivering the best possible message to your visitors. The way search engines like Google decide where to display your website on the search results is greatly influenced by the content of your website and they use an algorithm to do this. If your website content is not easy to read, educational and exactly where your visitors should be, you will have a reduction in your ranking. It used to be that you could add a bunch of keywords to attract the search engines to your website, but that is no longer the case. Search engines have found that the actual content of the website is where the true result is. The best thing you can do is, think of a question someone who should be finding you would be asking, and then answer that question with rich, education content.


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