Boost Your Food Industry Business Productivity with IOT

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The internet of things is designed to help businesses decrease their expenses, increase revenue, and improve their customer experience. The Internet of Things does this through helping business owners increase their team’s productivity. Let’s take a look at a case study on how a Pizza Restaurant can start using IOT to improve all of these things.

Being associated with the food industry we know that food waste is inevitable. By implementing a Workforce Management Solution we can ensure that we are ordering supplies appropriately. Workforce Management systems allow our Waiters and Waitresses to submit their order virtually off of a tablet, lowering paper cost. When orders are placed, the Workforce Management system can track the data that the restaurant feels is important. These can be things like quantities of toppings sold, quantities of specialty pizzas sold, or times of when toppings are being sold. If we notice that Green Peppers are selling less we can adjust our orders and ensure we aren’t wasting as many perishable goods. Also, by allowing Waiters and Waitresses to submit their tickets to the kitchen virtually we decrease the possibility of them entering the wrong order, also improving our food waste.

As a Pizza Restaurant an extra portion of our business is delivery. This form of business comes with it’s own challenges, such as time theft, customer experience issues, and vehicle issues. We will issue a tablet to each of our drivers and allow them to use the same Workforce Management solution as our in store employees. Using a Workforce Management solution can allow us, as the business owner, to track each vehicle and ensure it is staying on task. Not only that, we can also update our customers on where their delivery is at and give them a true expectation of when it will be there. Also, we can reroute other delivery drivers to cover for any vehicle. So if a car goes down with a flat tire we can find the nearest vehicle and ensure our customers are getting their deliveries in a timely manner. During our delivery we also have the opportunity to use our Workforce Management solution to charge the customers card on the spot, and have them sign the receipt.

Using a Workforce Management solution we have been able to increase our Waiter and Waitresses order accuracy, increase our supply ordering accuracy, decrease our food waste expense, decrease our time theft, and increase our overall customer experience. By implementing this simple IOT system we have not only increased our business productivity we have also increased our total profitability.

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