2 Major Ways to Boost Your Service and Repair Business in 2018

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We would all love to have more leads that convert for our service and repair business, but there are a few things that need to be in place prior to driving these social efforts. For years, people have been saying that your company needs a Facebook page and Twitter account to drive traffic to your website, but that doesn’t do you any good unless you have a website that works for you and delivers leads to your office.

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The best recipe for success for your mobile service and repair business includes leveraging existing customers, managing your online presence and most importantly, optimizing your crew in the field. The people performing installations and repairs every day are the key to boosting your business this year.

Optimize Your Crew in the Field

The team that you deploy in the field interact directly with your customers, fill our service work orders and of course, perform the work that needs to be done. The expectations in customer service is beyond a friendly face. From the moment your customer contacts you to completion of the job, and beyond, your business reputation is in the hands of your customer. The good news is there are a few things you can do to optimize your customers experience as well as your business operations.

With the Internet of Things, your business has the ability to streamline many of the things you do to service your customers. Dispatching your service techs work orders directly to their vehicle and seeing their location in real-time will help you to provide extremely accurate arrival times. Most companies using systems like AT&T Workforce Manager are able to add at least one additional service call, per technician each day. Eliminating high paper costs by implementing mobile forms and on-site invoice payments are a huge benefit as well. The great news is that implementing a system like this is easier and more cost effective than you might think. Reach out to an AT&T Small Business Manager today.

Leverage Great Customer Service for Marketing

Implementing a system that helps to provide an exceptional customer experience leaves you in a wonderful place: exceptional customer reviews. But how do you get your customers to share their experience with the World? The simple answer, ask them to. After completing the job and winning your customer for life, you now need to follow up with them and get feedback from them.

Sending a follow up email talking about how wonderful it was to work with them, you should include an opportunity to provide some feedback about their experience. You can decide where to send them, whether it’s your Google Business page, Yelp or even your own website, providing an outlet for your customer to express their happiness is a huge part of the customer service experience. With all of this wonderful feedback, you can now use these testimonials on your website or other marketing materials. The honest word of existing customers is very powerful.

If you are ready to optimize your field crew, fill out the form below and chat with a small business manager in your area.

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